A portrait headshot of ASMA KADRI KEELER

Asma Kadri Keeler joined the ACLU of Colorado as a staff attorney in September 2020 after spending three years with the ACLU of Wisconsin. Asma helped litigate cases in Wisconsin securing access to healthcare for transgender state employees, fighting against cruel and unusual punishment of juveniles in the Wisconsin prison system, and helping protect First Amendment rights for people all over the state among other things. Prior to joining the ACLU, Asma served as a law clerk for Hon. Thomas P. Mann of the Fairfax Circuit Court in Virginia. Asma graduated magna cum laude from American University Washington College of Law where she spent significant time working on international human rights issues including advising the Yemeni state government on constitution drafting and the Syrian opposition in peace negotiations. She also spent time working at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and helped develop criminal defense bars in Eastern Europe. Asma is a Wisconsin native but moved west in search of less flat ground. She loves any snacks with cheese, traveling with her daughter and husband, and all things geo-politics.