Reproductive Rights

Abortion rights and access vary greatly from state to state — and sometimes even within a state. Some states have enacted laws that target and burden abortion providers, forcing many clinics to close their doors. Others have banned specific safe abortion procedures or imposed arbitrary gestational cut-off dates after which one cannot legally have an abortion. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some states have expanded abortion access by requiring public and private insurers to cover the cost of abortion care. Colorado falls somewhere in the middle of these two ends of the spectrum.

What are our goals for reproductive rights in Colorado? 

For over a decade, Coloradans have continuously and decisively rejected attempts to ban abortion on the ballot and at the legislature. In November of 2020, Coloradans across party lines voted to soundly defeat Proposition 115, a ban on abortion later in pregnancy.

Through litigation, public education and legislative advocacy, ACLU of Colorado strives to ensure that everyone has the freedom and resources to make decisions about reproductive healthcare, forming intimate relationships, and building secure and healthy families. We work to protect and expand access to comprehensive sex education, contraceptive equity, abortion, and positive, equitable health outcomes for all who choose pregnancy.  We oppose all efforts to erode these rights.

Campaign Goals:

  1. Repeal the Colorado state constitution ban on abortion care to allow state funds to be used.
  2. Ensure our neighbors in Colorado jails, prisons, and immigration detention centers have access to abortion and the full range of reproductive healthcare services.
  3. Continue to engage with community through skills training workshops and community events such as the Reproductive Rights Roadshow. The Reproductive Rights Roadshow provides us and community with a space to engage, connect and listen to the latest happening in community.
  4. Public Education and Know Your Rights training. We offer educational resources and free Know Your Rights trainings to inform community members of their Reproductive Rights and how to protect them.

Our Other Reproductive Rights Work 

In recent years, Colorado has unfortunately become a prominent battleground for reproductive rights, as political extremists have attempted to force their beliefs on the rest of the state through the so-called “Personhood” ballot initiatives and, most recently, a ban on abortion later in pregnancy. The ACLU of Colorado has worked tirelessly with partners to soundly defeat these attempts to erode reproductive freedom in our state.

HB22-1279: Reproductive Health Equity Act

HB19-1032: Comprehensive Human Sexual Education in Colorado

See more of our legislative work on reproductive rights

Take Action 

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