DENVER – The following statement can be attributed to Mark Silverstein, Legal Director for ACLU of Colorado.

“The Aurora independent investigation report confirms in stark terms what the community has long understood: Aurora police killed Elijah McClain. Mr. McClain was the innocent victim of multiple violations of longstanding law that is supposed to limit the authority of law enforcement. Aurora police had no grounds to stop Mr. McClain in the first place. They had no grounds to put their hands on him. They had no legal justification for a pat-down frisk. They had no legal basis to force him to the ground. They had no adequate basis to direct paramedics to administer an excessive dose of ketamine into Mr. McClain’s system without his consent. As for the in-house “investigation” that exonerated the officers, which is more aptly labeled a coverup, the report explains that the Aurora police who investigated their colleagues asked the wrong question and fed suggested answers designed to elicit responses couched in “magic words” that fit with legal precedents.

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