“The Facility” is a short documentary film chronicling the lived experiences of immigrants detained at the GEO detention facility in Aurora, Colorado. This film addresses the personal loss and consequences of for-profit detention and the federal government's broken immigration policies. Legal and medical experts highlight horrific abuses including death, medical neglect, nutrition issues, and prolonged detention amid the outbreak of the coronavirus. To tell this story, current and former detainees, families fighting to be reunited, and advocates come together to share their experiences behind the walls of the GEO detention facility in Aurora.

"Cashing in on Cruelty" Report

Last year, we released a report shedding light on the medical abuse, neglect and death happening inside of the GEO immigration detention facility in Aurora. Since its release and the onset of the pandemic, conditions inside the facility have only worsened.

You can now watch "The Facility" online. Learn more at: The Facility Movie Website