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  1. SB088: Domestic Partner Group Health Benefits State Employees

    August 14, 2010LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  2. HB 1260: Designated Beneficiary Agreements

    August 11, 2010LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  3. SB 172: Civil Unions

    February 20, 2011LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  4. SB13-011: Colorado Civil Union Act

    February 14, 2013LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality, Racial Justice
  5. SB14-019: Status Of Taxpayers Who May File Joint Returns

    February 11, 2014LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  6. SB15-016: Marriages By Individuals In Civil Unions

    January 29, 2015LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  7. SB15-069: Repeal Job Protection Civil Rights Enforcement Act

    February 4, 2015LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  8. HB15-1081: Protect Physical Privacy In Locker Rooms

    February 4, 2015LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality
  9. HB15-1172: Repeal Punitive Damages Employment Discrimination

    March 2, 2015LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality, Racial Justice, Women’s Rights
  10. HB15-1171: State Freedom Of Conscience Protection Act

    March 2, 2015LegislationLGBTQ+ Equality, Racial Justice, Women’s Rights, Freedom of Expression & Religion