We Are the Vote

Every voice needs to be heard for our democracy to thrive and for civil rights and civil liberties to be protected and expanded. However, in Colorado we have a serious problem: some voices are being heard much louder than others. ACLU of Colorado’s We Are the Vote campaign aims to make sure every voice is heard. 

Despite Colorado’s well-known high overall rates of voter participation, historically disenfranchised voters continue to be distressingly underrepresented at the ballot box. That includes an estimated 500,000 young people in Colorado who are eligible to vote but are not exercising the right that many communities before us fought hard to secure. 

Issues on the ballot directly impact and matter deeply to historically disenfranchised voters: access to housing, racial justice, criminal justice reform, and LGBTQ+ rights. Life-altering decisions on these issues are most often made by local, city, county and state elected officials and ballot initiatives. Yet these local issues, local offices and local initiatives are often what many young people and historically disenfranchised voters hear the least about.

ACLU of Colorado’s We Are the Vote campaign, launched in 2022, is a multi-year effort to close this participation gap by educating, mobilizing and empowering historically disenfranchised voters across Colorado, and in places with particularly low rates of youth voting participation, including El Paso and Arapahoe counties where as few as three out of 10 eligible young people cast a ballot. Working alongside local partners and local communities, we will ensure that young voters raise their voice with their vote to say: 

There will be no justice without us.

There will be no democracy without us.

There will be no change without us.

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