The ACLU of Colorado submitted a detailed complaint to Denver Police Chief Robert White and the Denver Office of the Independent Monitor on April 12, 2012, requesting a formal investigation of unreasonable and abusive use of force and other misconduct in policing Occupy Denver demonstrations at Civic Center Park in October 2011.(To watch video content within the complaint, we recommend using the latest version of Adobe Reader.)

The complaint calls for Chief White to ban the use of pepper ball guns for crowd control and reiterates the ACLU's request for an independent federal inquiry of civil rights violations and abusive police practices in Denver.

Focused primarily on events that occurred October 29, 2011, the complaint traces police overreaction to a misguided and irresponsible decision to forcibly enforce a minor ordinance that prohibits erecting tents in city parks. The ACLU asserts that Denver police violated their own crowd control policies (as well as common sense) by needlessly antagonizing a large crowd of mostly peaceful demonstrators, prompting a confrontation that escalated in intensity and severity.

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Sara Rich, ACLU of Colorado Staff Attorney; Mark Silverstein, ACLU of Colorado Legal Director