By Julian Camera, Organizer

In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an historic decision in Brown v. Board of Education, ruling that placing children in separate public schools based on race was unconstitutional. This was a landmark case that would forever change education — or so we thought.

70 years later, the promise of Brown remains just that: a promise. American schools, both between and within districts, remain deeply segregated along racial and economic lines. Our state is no exception. Colorado schools and districts with predominantly Black, Brown, and Indigenous students remain chronically under resourced relative to the needs in their districts, especially when compared to whiter and more affluent schools. These disparities deprive children of the skills and opportunities they need to live happy and healthy lives.   

To address this, we're partnering with Brown’s Promise, a national advocacy group working to hold states accountable to the constitutional mandates of integration and equitable school funding. This campaign won’t be possible without the input of local organizations and community members. That’s why, in the coming months, we’ll be listening to and collaborating with local communities to develop creative measures that will meaningfully uphold Brown v. Board of Education. Together, we will guarantee equitable education for children across the state. 

If you are interested in hosting a listening session in your community, contact Julian at [email protected].