The bill requires a consumer reporting agency, upon written request from a consumer, to disclose to each consumer whose report contains information from criminal justice records:

  • Each source from which the agency compiled the information; and
  • The date on which the information was requested.

Currently, there is a process that allows for automatic sealing of criminal justice records for certain drug offenses. The bill extends that automatic sealing to all of the offenses, including civil infractions, that allow the defendant to petition the court for sealing criminal justice records that are not subject to the victims rights act. The bill streamlines the automatic record sealing process. The bill requires the state court administrator to produce an annual report regarding automatic record sealing.

The bill makes it an unfair employment practice to discharge or refuse to promote a person based solely on the contents of a sealed criminal record and makes it an unfair housing practice to refuse to show, sell, transfer, rent, or lease housing based on the contents of a sealed criminal record.

The bill requires the Colorado bureau of investigation to produce an annual report regarding record sealing.

The bill makes clarifying and organizational changes to the record sealing statutes.


D. Hisey/R. Rodriguez/K. Tipper





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