Intelligence officers from dozens of Colorado law enforcement agencies meet regularly to swap information about activists' activities

Documents obtained by the ACLU from the Denver Police Spy Files litigation reveal that intelligence officers from at least two dozen Colorado law enforcement agencies meet to swap political intelligence information at bimonthly meetings of a little-known organization known as the Multi-Agency Group Intelligence Conference (MAGIC).

Announcement of MAGIC meeting Anouncement of MAGIC meeting, January 19, 1993. According to this announcement, MAGIC meetings are "limited to sharing of information on extremist groups (left-wing, right-wing, foreign)." Although the term "extremist groups" is not defined, MAGIC-related documents indicate that it includes peaceful protesters who have no connection to criminal activity, such as the American Indian Movement, the American Friends Service Committee, End The Politics of Cruelty, and Amnesty International (see below).

Agendas for MAGIC meetings Agenda for MAGIC meeting, listing discussion topics including American Indian Movement, environmentalists, the "green movement," "animal rights," "right wing," "white supremacist," and "leftist."

List of discussion topics, including: Demonstrations, American Friends Service Committee, Amnesty International, and AIM. This document, found in the same file folder as other MAGIC documents, is apparently part of an agenda for another MAGIC meeting.

Protest against police brutality listed as "MAGIC info" Memorandum by Detective Abe Alonzo, dated March 3, 1998, regarding End the Politics of Cruelty and its upcoming "protest against police brutality," with post-it indicating it will be discussed at an upcoming MAGIC meeting.

Memorandum by Detective Abe Alonzo, dated March 3, 1998, without the post-it.

MAGIC attended by 44 officers, two dozen agencies Sign-up sheet for MAGIC meeting, with names of 44 law enforcement officers from more than two dozen law enforcement agencies

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