Proposition 115 is a dangerous mistake that is deeply personal for us. When we decided to grow our family, pregnancy did not come easy for us. When it happened, after several years of attempts, we were overjoyed. Early complications left us with a risky pregnancy to both mother and child that our doctors closely monitored. They needed the fetus to develop for 22 weeks before they could fully diagnose the issues and give us accurate information.

The prognosis was heartbreaking. The developmental issues were so severe that a stillbirth was likely, and what life our child might have had would be brief. At the time, we were fortunate to live in one of the few states where terminations up to 24 weeks were legal. It was not a choice we ever wanted to make, but a necessary one.

Years later, we adopted a child and have a strong relationship with her birth family. We are eternally grateful for the gift and responsibility they gave us.

Terminations past 22 weeks are very rare events. They account for about 1% of all terminations and are driven mainly by health and safety concerns. A ban at this stage does not save lives. It only increases risks and forces earlier, less informed decisions to be made. Instead, ensuring access to contraception, comprehensive sexuality education, and health care, as well as reforms to fostering and adoption laws, are far more effective measures that should be pursued.

A mother and father in Superior, CO