We have a lot to celebrate after Election Day. Here in Colorado, we defeated Prop 115 to keep abortion bans out of our state. And with record-breaking ballots cast nationwide, thanks in large part to deep organizing by people of color, we are setting the stage to protect reproductive freedom for all.

With a SCOTUS hostile to abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates determined to overturn Roe v. Wade, it’s more important than ever to safeguard abortion access in Colorado.

We have momentum, and it’s time to seize this moment. When Coloradans resoundingly voted #NoOn115 it was a referendum — abortion bans have no place in our state. Now, we are partnering with reproductive rights and justice organizations from across the state to harness that energy and chart a path forward.

Our organization is proud to be a founding member of a new initiative called Beyond the Bans. We are building a collective of abortion patients, doctors, people of faith, advocates, and more, united by the belief that access to abortion shouldn’t be determined by your zip code, income, whether you have access to health insurance, your immigration status or the color of your skin.

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We defeated Prop 115 on November 3, because when people hear the harm caused by abortion bans — whether at six weeks or 22 weeks — they reject them. The #NoOn115 coalition was successful in defeating a ban, now is our opportunity to go on the offensive to protect abortion rights.

It’s time to focus on educating our communities about the realities of abortion. This includes uplifting real stories from individuals and families who have received abortion care, from doctors who provide abortions and from advocates like you who believe abortion is essential healthcare. Only then can we begin to move Colorado #BeyondTheBans.

You were a crucial member of the coalition to defeat Prop 115. We’ll need your effort and your energy in the next phase of this fight too — as we work to ensure ALL people have access to abortion care without barriers and without stigma. We’ve already built a broad and diverse coalition, let’s keep it going and move Colorado #BeyondTheBans.

This people-powered movement is equitable, intersectional and rooted in Colorado values. We’re excited for you to join us. You can also follow Beyond The Bans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.