The ACLU of Colorado believes that the right of free speech includes your right, at your own home, to post a sign or fly a flag that expresses your views. We are investigating complaints that HOAs have objected when residents have displayed pride flags or Black Lives Matter yard signs.

Has your homeowners association (HOA) or Metro District sent you a recent violation letter or threatened a fine because you were flying a certain flag or posted a certain sign in your yard? If you believe your HOA or Metro District is infringing on your right of free expression, please contact the ACLU of Colorado at [email protected].  

In your email, please let us know:

  • The name of your subdivision, HOA, or metro district; 
  • What flag or sign your HOA or Metro District objected to; and 
  • The reason they provided for that objection.  

Please also provide us with any violation letter or notice that you received, as well as your contact information.

Learn more about HOA infringement in Colorado:

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