During each legislative session, we track numerous bills that address important issues that affect our freedoms, and when appropriate, we provide testimony around these bills in the Colorado House and Senate.

Legislative Updates

Each legislative session, the ACLU of Colorado tracks the bills that impact civil liberties, and where necessary, we take a position of support or opposition. Our Legislative Updates page lists the bills we are most concerned about and their current status in the legislature.

Legislative Scorecards

In past years, the ACLU of Colorado has published a scorecard for civil liberties. The scorecard highlights many of the bills that we felt had the biggest impact on civil liberties. The voting record of each legislator was included to provide the public with an easy way to see the stance of their elected representatives on many key civil liberties issues.

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Our Legislative Database catalogs all the bills we've monitored in recent years. Search or browse it to gain historical perspective on all of our legislative victories and defeats.

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SB21-007: Improve Public Confidence Election Validity

Commencing with the 2022 general election, and subject to an elector's choice to receive and cast all ballots by mail, the bill requires that all registered electors cast their ballot in person for each general election at a polling location within the county of the elector's residence.

May 14, 2021

HB21-1314: Department Of Revenue Action Against Certain Documents

Under existing law, the department of revenue (department) is either allowed or required to administratively suspend, cancel, revoke, deny, or deny renewal of a driver's license, instruction permit, or identification card following specified conduct by a licensee or card holder.

May 14, 2021

SB21-031: Limits On Governmental Responses To Protests

The bill prohibits a state, county, or local government agency, or any person acting on behalf of the state, county, or local government agency, from ordering persons participating in a protest or demonstration (protest) to disperse, or from deeming the protest unlawful, unless the persons partic

May 14, 2021

SB21-059: Juvenile Justice Code Reorganization

The bill makes conforming amendments and includes a cleanup of the main definition section for title 19 to reflect changes made through the reorganization of article 2 of title 19.

May 14, 2021

SB21-030: Criminal Theft Of Rental Property

Prior to 2013, general theft and theft of rental property were separate criminal offenses. In 2013, the general assembly amended the general theft offense to include theft of rental property.

May 14, 2021