DENVER - The ACLU of Colorado and the Communications Workers of America - Denver Newspaper Guild (CWA/TNG Local 37074) announced today the voluntary recognition of the ACLU of Colorado Workers United.  

With the recognition, the ACLU of Colorado is now committed to engaging in the collective bargaining process between the union’s representatives and management in good faith, with mutual respect and with a sincere effort to reach common ground.

“We are dedicated to advancing justice, equity and inclusion for the communities we serve and for each other. We believe in the power of solidarity and collaboration and are committed to fostering a more transparent and equitable workplace, now and for the future of the organization,” said ACLU of Colorado Workers United in a letter addressed to management. “Our union will enable workers and leadership to collaborate from a place of mutuality, respect, accountability, and transparency, all of which better align our workplace culture with our commitments to the communities we serve.” 

“As I reflect on our many accomplishments since I joined the ACLU of Colorado, I am reminded that we have a strong affiliate that is continuously and cohesively advancing the fight for civil rights and liberties,” said Deborah Richardson, Executive Director of the ACLU of Colorado. “I proudly support the rights of our staff to form a union and I am confident that we will remain united and steadfast in pursuing our affiliate’s mission.” 

Unions play a vital role in our society, which is why throughout its 100 years of existence, the ACLU has championed the rights of workers to organize unions and bargain collectively. The ACLU of Colorado is the latest ACLU affiliate to make the decision to unionize. ACLU National and 22 other ACLU affiliates have already formed unions.