DENVER — ACLU of Colorado is proud to announce Stephanie Schweitzer Garza as its new Director of Philanthropy. Schweitzer Garza previously served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP).  

During her tenure at TCRP, she co-led the Community Engagement department and oversaw the resource development team. Under her leadership, TCRP successfully built regional Justice Councils comprised of volunteer community leaders, activists, and donors who galvanized their networks to invest in TCRP's vision of community lawyering. Additionally, her team worked to collaboratively raise resources with movement partners to fund coalition work in the spaces of voting rights, democracy, immigrants' rights, borderland justice, and criminal legal reform.  

Through these efforts, TCRP grew the organization's revenue three-fold within a five-year period and successfully mobilized nearly $1 million to support trusted movement partner organizations in the last year alone. 

“I am excited to be a part of growing and deepening ACLU of Colorado's impact and commitment to its vision. Philanthropy — from individuals making monthly grassroots contributions to those privileged to be able to make sizable financial investments — each of us will play a key role in building this future,” said Schweitzer Garza. “Our commitment to a Colorado for all must be robust and sustained and I am thrilled to lead the charge.” 

Her driving passion is community and a keen interest in different peoples, cultures, and lived experiences. She approaches her work through this lens with a strong foundation and belief in the power of organizing.  

“None of the ambitious goals in our strategic framework are achievable without significant and sustainable growth in resources,” said Deborah Richardson, ACLU of Colorado Executive Director. “Stephanie’s core values and previous success in philanthropy will ensure our organization has the fuel it will need to succeed in achieving long-term transformational change.”