FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force

Spy Files documents indicating that the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force is tracking peaceful protesters. In connection with the litigation over the Denver Police Department's Spy Files, the ACLU of Colorado obtained documents that indicate that the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) has been gathering information and building files on the activities of peaceful protesters who have no connection to terrorism or any other criminal activity. Click here to read more.

Multi-Agency Group Intelligence Conference (MAGIC)

Spy Files Documents relating to the Multi-Agency Group Intelligence Conference (MAGIC). Documents obtained by the ACLU from the Denver Police Spy Files litigation reveal that intelligence officers from at least two dozen Colorado law enforcement agencies to swap political intelligence information at bimonthly meetings of a little-known organization known as the Multi-County Group Intelligence Conference (MAGIC). Click here to read more.

Additional Sample Documents from the Denver Spy Files

Spy Files discussed in "They Know When You Are Sleeping," by Katha Pollitt, originally published in The Nation, January 27, 2003

Spy File Document released by ACLU on January 22, 2003

Additional Spy File documents discussed in the ACLU's news release of November 21, 2002

Spy Files documents initially released at the ACLU's news conference, March 11, 2003. These documents were also attached as exhibits to the Complaint that initiated the ACLU's class action lawsuit on March 28, 2003