Immigrant Justice is one of ACLU of Colorado's strategic imperatives. Before committing to any campaign or project, ACLU of Colorado will ask how the work will further this strategic imperative.

The Constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of due process and equal protection to every person in this country, regardless of their immigration status.

Upholding the rights of the politically disenfranchised is vital; when the government has the power to deny legal rights and due process to one group of people it puts everyone’s rights in danger. The ACLU of Colorado works to uphold the due process and equal protection clauses embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which apply to every “person,” and are not limited to U.S. citizens. Other immigrants’ rights issues that the ACLU of Colorado works to address include prolonged detention periods, the application of labor laws to non-citizens and violations of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition of warrantless intrusions into private homes.