The bill requires the Colorado supreme court to issue a license to practice law and the department of education to issue a teacher license if, in either situation, the license applicant otherwise meets the licensing requirements and: • The person has a current and valid employment authorization document issued by the United States citizenship and immigration services; • The person is lawfully present in the United States; and • The person was issued a social security number by the United States social security administration.



Current status

  • Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary (03/02/2020)
  • House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments (02/28/20)
  • Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary (01/31/20)
  • Senate Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely (05/26/2020)


A. Benavidez / C. Kipp /N. Todd / R. Rodriguez

Bill number