Meet Our Board: Dr. Maurice "Scotty" Scott

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Maurice “Scotty” Scott, M.D. (he/him), Board Chair

Dr. Maurice “Scotty” Scott is ACLU of Colorado’s Board of Directors Affiliate Equity Officer Chair of the Equity Diversity Inclusion Belonging Committee. Scotty is a Park Hill, Denver resident and longtime ACLU Board member and supporter.  
“I joined the ACLU because the name 'ACLU' was elevated in my household all my life. My parents were very clear with me that, but for the ACLU, their marriage would not exist and, as such, neither would I,” said Scotty. “Little did I know that decades after their marriage could be realized, the same organization would work to ensure that my same-sex partnership could also result in marriage. This organization has offered me a lot.”
Scotty is a physician and an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. There he has two roles. He serves as an attending physician on the University of Colorado Hospital Palliative Care Consult Service. As an attending physician he provides telehealth palliative care services for a rural mountain hospital and teaches in the Master of Science in Palliative Care and Community-Based Hospice and Palliative Medicine programs. He serves as a COMPASS Guide Core Faculty Member for first year medical students.  
“Now that we are in the current time, in this current place and moment, it is more important than ever that the ACLU of Colorado continue to not only expand civil rights and liberties but to also defend those that have already been cemented in the law of the land. It has been an honor to serve on the ACLU Colorado board over these last few years and I will remain equally committed as a member for years to come.”