2022 Fall/Winter Newsletter

December 8, 2022

In this newsletter, you will read about our new strategic framework. It is the strongest and most visionary work in our 70-year history. You will also learn about our work engaging voters to help defend civil rights this past election, our critical work fighting in the courts, and our presence in communities learning from people across the state.

In this edition:

Cover page of the road ahead report
Becoming the Model of Democracy

Fourteen years ago, responding to the exhortations, “Change” and “Yes We Can,” the young voters of this country helped make history when we elected our first Black president.

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead is a product of an intensive, year-long strategic planning process that included multiple rounds of input from stakeholders all over the state, ACLU of Colorado Board of Directors, and ACLU staff.

2023 at the Capitol

Now that the dust has settled from election season and we have a clear view of the landscape to come for the 2023 legislative session, ACLU of Colorado is moving full steam ahead to continue the work of our new and growing Advocacy and Strategic Alliances department.

Fight Alongside Communities, Not Just for Them

Despite the challenges my community faces, we still show up for grassroots fundraisers, petitions, and protests but most importantly, we vote.


Photo of Ruby Johnson outside of her home
“Police department with a search warrant — come to the door with your hands up.” When officers from the Denver Police department yelled these words, they forever altered 77-year-old Ms. Ruby Johnson’s quiet life.

To this day, the words continue to haunt her.

Happening in the Courts

Running with Conviction

In May 2021, ACLU of Colorado sued the City of Aurora for blocking Candice Bailey, a candidate with a prior felony conviction, from running for public office.

Purple Cliffs   

Purple Cliffs is an encampment for people experiencing houselessness in Durango that has been operating since 2018.

Organizer holding canvassing resources outdoors
We Are the Vote

Democracy doesn’t run on autopilot. Democracy runs on participation that begins with our bedrock right — voting.

Fueling Advocacy with Analytics

ACLU of Colorado’s We Are the Vote campaign was the first to leverage the power of data analytics to strengthen our capacity in campaign planning, base building, and public education.

Art the Vote: Empowering Young Voters

In any social justice movement, you will always find creatives. Artists help us imagine a new world or illuminate what is not said nor easily seen.

deborah richardson speaking at 2022 toward liberty event
Toward Liberty: 70 Years of Action

Nearly 400 guests gathered in person for the first time since 2019 to share their passion for ACLU of Colorado’s mission and to honor community members and organizations making a profound and lasting impact across Colorado.

2022 Toward Liberty Honorees

September marked a special time for our organization. Meet our honorees.

Meet our New Staff

Anaya Robinson

Anaya Robinson is a Latinx queer trans man, born and raised in West Michigan, who now calls Denver home.

Sophia Mayott-Guerrero

Raised in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, Sophia grew up with a family that instilled the importance of organizing, art, and social change.

Meet Our Board: Dr. Maurice "Scotty" Scott

“I joined the ACLU because the name 'ACLU' was elevated in my household all my life. My parents were very clear with me that, but for the ACLU, their marriage would not exist and, as such, neither would I.”

Ensuring "First" Milestones are Not the Last

“Becoming the first Black woman to sit on the Colorado State Dealer Board as President was an honor and a disappointment.”