Denver student Miko McMahon-Piel and artist Jaime Molina's mural.

Miko McMahon-Piel is a Denver student and artist.

What does community mean to you?
Community means being a part of what is going on. Whether I am at school or with my friends or my soccer team I feel connected to the neighborhood where I live. At school, we have worked on community to include all people and to share our different cultures with each other. 

Who do you count on in your community?
I count on my friends. They are always there for me no matter what. 

What’s your hidden talent?
I do not have a hidden talent but I am an artist. I draw and paint murals. 

Guilty pleasure?
I like to shop for shoes, clothes and jewelry.

Where is home? What does home mean to you?
I live in northwest Denver. Home means anywhere with my family and friends. I like to be around the people who support me and where I am most comfortable.

What’s the last thing that made you smile?
Staying up late and playing video games with my friends. My favorite video game is GTA.

That made you cry?
When my grandpa passed away. We played guitar, laughed a lot together and he told the best stories. 

What do you do for selfcare?
I work out, play soccer and eat well. Art also is part of my selfcare because it feeds my soul. 

What do you do to care for others?
I tell people I care about them and I show it by helping them when they need it.

What gives you hope?
We are making progress for minorities like me and I am hopeful that we are going to make a better world for everyone. 

How different was your life a few years ago?
I got to see my friends and family more and I was going to school every day. Now we are able to get back to seeing all the people who are important to me and it is much better again. 

What are you grateful for right now?
I am grateful for my friends, my girlfriend and my family who supports me one hundred percent. I am also grateful to be able to do art and make murals with some amazing artists in my community like Erin Lea-Dougherty and Jaime Molina.

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