The 2018 elections are critical, and we encourage everyone to vote. We do not endorse candidates, but we do take positions on initiatives that impact civil rights and civil liberties.
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This year, ACLU of Colorado has taken the following positions on statewide ballot initiatives:

Vote YES on Amendment A to remove slavery from the Colorado constitution: The Colorado constitution currently reads, "There shall never be in this state either slavery or involuntary servitude except as a punishment for a crime." In other words, slavery is still legal in Colorado. A "yes" vote on Amendment A will remove this language once and for all, and show that slavery is not a Colorado value. Read more from our executive director on Amendment A.

Vote YES on Amendment V to lower the minimum age for representation in the state legislature: Amendment V lowers the minimum age for state representatives and state senators from 25 to 21 years old. Young people deserve a seat at the table not only as advocates and voters but as decision makers. Read more about Amendment V from one of our volunteers, Emma Davis.

Vote YES on Amendments Y&Z to create fairer districts and end gerrymandering: Truly representative democracy demands fair districts that reflect "one person, one vote." Amendments Y&Z put in place an independent commission to oversee congressional and state redistricting. Amendment Y applies to congressional redistricting and Amendment Z applies to state legislative redistricting.

Finally, the state attorney general election is often overlooked, but the AG’s office is critical for upholding civil liberties and defending our state from federal overreach. To learn more about the main candidates and their views, check out
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Be an ACLU Voter and vote like your rights depend on it.

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